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Tipping Point Advisory provides expert advice on building capacity, revenue and business value for contractors, consultants and suppliers to engineering and construction projects.

"I founded SamWilko Advisory in 2012 to address capability gaps I saw in the Engineering and Construction industry. Over 30 years in the private sector, public sector and in consulting I’ve seen many good small and medium sized enterprises in the industry fail to transition through the “tipping point” to become great businesses. I've also seen successful tenders badly transitioned into the project phase and a host of major projects fail to get off the ground quickly enough. The cost to business in terms of lost time and opportunity translates to hundreds of millions of dollars.

What’s the common thread? It’s all about Strategy. Knowing what needs to be done, but more importantly knowing the order in which each task or project needs to be done, is the essence of a successful and well-executed strategy."

I believe there’s more effective ways to grow great businesses, win bids and deliver successful projects.

Peter Wilkinson founded the practice, drawing on over 30 years of experience as a consulting engineer, project advisor and business mentor in the infrastructure engineering and construction sector. You can read more about Peter below.

Peter Wilkinson | Tipping Point, an initiative of SamWilko Advisory

Peter Wilkinson

My experience in this sector spans over 30 years, working in roles as a consulting engineer, project advisor, Executive manager and in recent years as a business mentor and advisor.

"Business, like many of life’s challenges, is all about luck. Successful business people implement the right business model, work hard and smart and are well prepared for when they get lucky”.

Most small to mid-sized businesses competing for project work are forced into an environment where they are small fish in a very large pond. While potentially a hostile environment and one where most business owners feel a lack of power in the supplier relationship, lucky breaks are constantly bubbling away.

As a business advisor specialising in Engineering & Construction and having worked on both sides of the fence, I have a unique perspective that will genuinely provide you with practical insights to access specific industry opportunities, invest appropriately to benefit from them and build a business that is sustainable into the future.

What Our Clients Think

Peter is a highly experienced facilitator and mentor. His strong ability to impart his message in engaging and meaningful ways ensures we walk away from each session having learnt something new. Patient and emphatic, Peter ensures that his clients gain the outcomes they set by guiding them through challenging times which occur in any change or growth activity. Without hesitation, I would recommend Peter to anyone looking for a business advisor and coach!

Digital Presence

Olga Ramos, Managing Director

It is been a big shift in our business and my personal behaviour as a Director since I first started with Peter. Peter was able to precisely diagnose the business’ functionality, strategize for growth and provide advice on real project matters during our training sessions.
Peter has demonstrated his ability to analyse our management effectiveness, identify inefficiencies and inadequacies in business functionality and provide solutions and action plans for growth and behavioural change. I was able to utilise my behavioural change across many dimensions of my professional and personal life.

PTC Consulting Engineers

William Zhang

Peter has made a major contribution to Quickway Constructions over the last five years, during which time the business has undergone substantial growth. Quickway has responded to major changes in the Infrastructure Construction industry by building new business capabilities and has survived and thrived through tough times. The business has achieved outcomes that seemed almost impossible at the time the targets were set and there’s plenty more of the story to come....

Quickway Constructions

Denis Bradley, Director Quickway Constructions

CPS has engaged the services of TippingPoint Advisory for 2 years as mentor and educator. Peter provided training and advisory services to CPS in managing change and business expansion in time of strong Government and private sector activity. The business has undergone a transformation over this time and Peter has greatly assisted in enabling this to happen.

Crown Project Services

David Hughes, Managing Director CPS

Our Partners

SamWilko Advisory offers Business Coaching/Consulting Services as a Partner of encite Partners.

encite work with amazing entrepreneurs and senior executives and their companies to go beyond what they thought possible. We walk beside business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs to help:

1. Overcome lost, stuck, tired or stressed feelings through strategic direction and purpose.

2. Ease the pressure of low profits or slow progress with higher returns for investment and effort.

3. Replace team challenges or low success with performance and integrity.

We partner to empower focus, clarity and confidence. We share the load.
Humans United by Business is a community of 250 business owners who gather regularly to facilitate peer to peer support and professional development.
HUBB is for business owners who want to go from good to great in both a personal & business context in a faster time frame than they can doing it on their own.

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