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We do this by

Providing you with Advice and Practical Support to grow a sustainable business in Engineering & Construction

Are these challenges characteristic of your business?

  • Your business is hitting capacity - unable to get its ducks in a row - and stress and lifestyle sacrifice is the price you are paying.
  • Tenders and RFPs remove your power in the buying cycle and impose a high cost on your business.
  • Your business (and you personally) is being forced to take on higher levels of risk than it should.
  • The emergence of International players is drying up your existing sources of work.
  • Most of your revenue comes from one or two major clients.
  • Breaking into new markets is a daunting process.
  • You have difficulty articulating capability and delivering pitches in a compelling way.

We help you as a business owner to...

  • Increase capacity in your business by upgrading your systems and processes to get more done in less time.
  • Expand your choice of project opportunities and increase your power in the buying cycle, giving you confidence in your walk away position.
  • Win the "right" jobs on capability as well as price.
  • Build fruitful long term relationships with new distribution channels.
  • Implement strategies to build and monetise the true value of your business for future realisation.
  • Position your company to be highly attractive to buyers.

We provide you with...

  • A proactive and independent professional sounding board of specialists at building businesses in engineering, construction and professional services.
  • Facilitation and implementation of strategies and methodologies, designed to win the tender game and grow your business revenue and bottom line.
  • Support in creating efficient systems and processes, to build IP and improve your delivery capability, time efficiency and business value.

The tipping point and building a multi-storey business

Going through the tipping point hurts! The owners are working too hard, it's getting difficult to win new work, too much risk is being taken on board and there is no clear way forward to fix the situation. The dynamics that you relied on to achieve today's success have shifted.

A multi-storey business is one that has transitioned through the tipping point and rebuilt on 4 new pillars - positioning the business for sustainable growth.

The tipping point and building a multi-storey business
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